"Bear Memories" of your loved ones

Bear Memories would like to create a lasting memory you can cherish forever, one that is custom made especially  for you at a reasonable price.  

How my Bears and Bunnies came about . After My Grandmother passed away my Aunt said she had alot of my Grandmother's clothes could I do something with them . I decided to make bears out the clothes one for each of my sisters, my Aunt and myself.  We all had something special, something we could cherish, something we could look at and be reminded of the happier days, something we could just hug if we needed to. Since then I have made bunnies for my son in laws family . The bunnies were made out of their Grandmother or great grandmother's clothes and given as a gift for their baby shower.  When my daughter got married I made her a bear from my wedding dress. The bear sat very proudly on the cake table at her reception. Since then I have been asked many times to make bears for different reasons and now I have decided to share my bears with you.

This bear was made from my wedding dress

This bear was made from my Grandmothers sweatshirt  

One day while I was making bears for my family from my sister Diana's clothes the thought came to me on how I should build a website to share them with others who have lost someone  special to them. I thought I should offer this at an affordable price since everything else pertaining to a loss of a loved one is so expensive. My bears are special to me. Every bear I make has a little bit of me in them through my love, commitment , compassion  and a few tears now and then.   I try to personalize each of them by adding something extra to them from something I heard in a conversation or from a note I received with them .   Even though most of my bears have been made because of a lossed loved one I have even made bears from Andrew's blankie because his mother just could part with it and I have even made a bear and pillow for  a mother from the dress her daughter wore the first day of school. That's when my bears become a treasured memory.