"Bear Memories" of your loved ones

Print and mail this order form to me along with your payment  check or money order made out to Joanne Salomone  or you can pay with paypal my account is katzsmom1@yahoo.com. I will need you to send the article of clothing that you want your keepsake made from. Each Bear usually takes 1/2 yard of material. Return shipping by USPS Priority mail . Please include 15.00 for shipping  and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery and 4-5 weeks during the Christmas holiday season. If this is going to be a gift please allow enough time so I can get it back to you in time. You can contact me at 586-350-0297 or email me @ katzsmom1@yahoo.com

 Order Form

Name __________________________________________________________________


Phone number ___________________________________________________________

Email address____________________________________________________________


Bear     $35.00 each    _________________  

Wedding Bear or Angel Bear   $55.00 each  ____________

Pillow  $15.00 each    __________________

Bear and Pillow $45.00________________

Return shipping    U.S.P.S. Priority Mail Please add 15.00

Who is this bear being made for ? ______________________________________________

Anything you would like to share about the loved one _________________________________

I love to hear stories about the loved ones it makes it a little bit more personal.

If you would like I can also personalize each bear with a special note, a picture of that special someone or even a special story  about the person or special fabric.

 Please send the article of clothing along with order form and payment to :

Joanne Salomone

29456 E Brittany Ct

Roseville, MI 48066

Contact me at katzsmom1@yahoo.com or call 586-350-0297 and leave a message I'll get back to you as soon as I can.